Hey you, look at these sounds!

4 Dec

The Revolution! Midi Pack has been released! This was a project to create a new original midi soundtrack for Thomas Van Der Velden’s 2003 megawad Revolution! (which originally didn’t have one). Thomas himself even made a new MAP33 for the wad specifically for this midi project. The tracks have also been rearranged into the TV 1998 Midi Pack for Thomas’s prior megawad TV1998.

I didn’t really have much prior composing experience, but the project seemed like a good place to start learning. My contribution was a song for MAP11: The Transporter, called Smooth Infiltrater (it was also used as the track for MAP13: Structure 999 of TV1998). My version was fairly simple, but Jimmy spruced it up to make it excellent. If you’re curious, you can compare the original and the spruced up versions right here:

Smooth Infiltrator (original version)

Smooth Infiltrator (Jimmy’s updated version)