• Title: 32in24-10
  • Author: The Y.E.D.S.
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • Total Maps: 37
  • Release Date: 2016


This megawad has been sitting around untouched for a while, and I was beginning to think it had some sort of curse. Here we have a 39 map deathmatch wad created in a day by the Y.E.D.S. folk. I loaded it up in Skulltag with four bots, and summarized my thoughts on each map as I blasted my way through them.

Map 01: Some brown bricks, some green bricks, and a small but fun layout.
Map 02: A more complex layout with a nice grayish theme. Lots of height variation too. Pretty fun.
Map 03: A smallish brown wooden and stone themed map. Fast-paced with just the right amount of space.
Map 04: White startan tech-base. Cramped, which makes for some close-quarters battles.
Map 05: An outdoors theme with a little tech-base thrown in. Ears still ringing from plasma.

Map 06: Theme reminded me of episode 4. Mostly fighting in some long corridors inter-connected with lifts.
Map 07: Theme is a tech-base with that one small red brick texture nobody ever uses. Lots of open space. Fighting occurs mostly in a large open court-yard.
Map 08: An indoor and outdoor tech-base. Indoor consists mostly of rooms packed with crates, which can sometimes make it a little hard to battle in. Outside is less obstructive. BFG is a little too easy to get.
Map 09: Another outdoors themed map. Has a fun layout with lots of height variation.
Map 10: A small marble-themed map. Gameplay pretty much takes place in a small center arena, with four teleports that branch to smaller rooms containing single weapons.

Map 11: Fun layout consisting of a cave and some outdoor bits.
Map 12: Polar opposite of map 04 as far as space is concerned. Large arena consisting of rings.
Map 13: Two featureless blocky buildings in a small open green field. Barely any height variation. Odd item placement. Could be worst, but not the best.
Map 14: Someone lit the sky on fire. A nice and pretty hell-themed map. Map is a little larger and more complex than the others, so you may have to hunt your enemies.
Map 15: A good classic layout, with a theme that varies from room to room but works. The deathmatch flows well and–oh, it abruptly ended, and a bot with 4 kills was crowned victor. Guess you shouldn’t make your exit an unhidden walk-over line. Oops.

Map 16: A brown tech-base sitting within some brown rocks. A fun medium-sized layout. No complaints.
Map 17: A nice looking tech-base with interesting texture usage. Another one of the more open-spaced maps.
Map 18: Very brown, very cave, but also pretty cool. Just the right amount of space I think.
Map 19: A tech-base that curves around a center rocky arena. Good and fast-paced.
Map 20: Another sort-of outdoors-ish tech-base. Texturing isn’t that great, but the layout is decent.

Map 21: Battle in a white-rocked canyon. Another well-crafted layout.
Map 22: A city map with the kind of Doomy-realistic design that makes me smile (turned over truck, road with mismatched stripes). Nice to look at, but gameplay suffers a bit in the cramped buildings.
Map 23: Nukage sewers (or alien pee according to the text file :I) with plenty of barrels. The spaces are open, but you must stick to the green-bricked pathways to avoid taking extra damage. Nice idea, but the BFG is a little easy to get.
Map 24: Good layout and nice pretty tech-base architecture, but I don’t usually think it is a good idea to start a player too far out of reach from some at least moderate weapons. Noteworthy for having blood pool sprites in a square pool of blood.
Map 25: Another tech-base with an accompanied open field. This map also somewhat goes against my no weapons at start philosophy, and the BFG is pretty much up for grabs too.

Map 26: A small techy outdoor layout that sort-of revolves around a draw-bridge lift like structure in the center of the map. Works well.
Map 27: The map is called 3d tree tempest, and it contains 3d trees. Fun inter-connected layout with groovy architecture and I hate you Rottking.
Map 28: Large green and white tech-base. Subtle hints of incompleteness from some of the textures that look like they were originally going to have lights or tekwall or something. The layout is obviously finished and pretty fun though, and that is all that matters. Open-spaced combat.
Map 29: The map is called base battle, and whaddayaknow. The layout is pretty small, and is mostly close-quarters combat. Pretty fun, but if you get the plasma rifle you can pretty much dominate the match.
Map 30: An odd design and an odd theme with some clever ideas. The layout is pretty large-scale and complex though, so the action may be a little slow unless you have more than five players.

Map 31: A fun layout with nice inter-connectivity and height variation. Also has pretty tech-base architecture.
Map 32: Somebody lit the sky on fireblu. It’s a fun open-spaced outdoor themed layout. Lots of vantage points to attack people from. I lost the match and my screen sat point-blank range from the pixelated crotch of a chubbs corpse.
Map 33: A small arena featuring things such as non-damaging lava, fireblu, and some platforming to switches that unlock the weapons you’re after.
Map 34: A map that matches the MIDI it uses perfectly: dull and repetitive. Involves a court-yard that branches into four cramped single-entrance hallways with weapons at the end of them. Not my cup of tea.
Map 35: The theme is…stuff, mostly brown bricks. It is called “symmetrical shit” but the map was actually pretty fun close-quarters combat, and practically angelic if you compare it to map 34.

Map 36: The map is called “welcome to the dwango” and I guess the dwango is a big open circular courtyard that sinks towards the middle. Decent.
Map 37: A dark ashwall maze in which you must fist your opponents to death with berserk packs, the only items in the map. Yep.
Map 38: A tech-base that somewhat reminded me of Doom’s E1M8. Most combat will be with the chaingun.
Map 39: A large open-spaced outdoor tech-base situated in space (okay it isn’t in space). Instead it is mostly a courtyard battle.

Now for some factoids and a synopsis. This 32in24 currently holds the world record for 32in24 with the most Megaman MIDIs in it. This 32in24 is also a testament to the Doom community’s love for tech-bases with courtyards in them. If this 32in24 were a contest to see who could make the most large and detailed maps in one day, Mechadon would have won. Finally, this 32in24 is a high-quality deathmatch wad packed with many well-made maps, and only a few hiccups (map 13 and map 33.) Proof that all you need to make a good 32in24 is to not have me in it. Now for heaven’s sake could somebody actually host this thing on a server. It won’t hurt you, I promise.