A shitty night


  • Title: A shitty night
  • Author: Lukasxd
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 2012




In today’s Doom plot, our hero (or heroes) find themselves driving home drunk when an earthquake suddenly impedes their car in its tracks, so they must now travel on foot. Though the car must have been difficult to drive in the first place due to its wheels being made of cubes, and our situation doesn’t explain the flesh-hungry monsters, but sure I’ll take it!

This wad takes the realistic approach in design, though some of the architecture (like the car at the start of the map) doesn’t translate so well into Doom. Still, it hits the soft spot in my heart for cute Doom furniture. For the most part the theme is clean and efficient, and I don’t mind it. The new sky and music also help to reinforce the zany mapping style that I find similar to many wads from the mid-nineties. Oh, this map also has a “driving” sequence that has to be seen to be believed. The illusion is broken right away by the walls on either side of the car scrolling in opposite directions, and the fact that you can exit the vehicle and fight monsters on the (static) road that the car is supposed to be driving across. Since the author recommended ZDoom, this map could have easily employed other methods of creating a driving sequence (like scrolling floors, or a moving skybox camera), but for some reason this little section made me love the map’s theme even more.

As for the map’s flow, it is quite linear. Despite this, I still somehow managed to get lost, as there are some doors/switches that are not very clearly marked. The difficulty spikes in certain areas due to cramped (and occasionally dark) corridors packed full of hitscan enemies, and in a particular area it may be difficult to fight the opposition without the aid of mouselook. The final confrontations, despite using boss monsters like the cyberdemon and mastermind, are a lot more trivial due to the plasma weapons you receive before them and the amount of cover you are given to avoid their attacks. After reducing the last stretch of monsters to mush, board the least aerodynamic helicopter in the world to end the level.

It’s a short map, but it’s a decent ride. The humorous aspects (though maybe unintentional) add to the charm of the wad, and I would recommend it if you enjoy the occasional quirky map.