Ancient Aliens


  • Title: Ancient Aliens
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: 32
  • Total Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 2016


On our hero’s perilous quest through the alien back alleys of the Universe, he encounters a UFO that transports him to the planet Tor. The ruins of this ocean-based world stretch hundreds of miles into the atmosphere. Some even poke above the clouds. But our hero isn’t here for tourism. This planet holds the gateway to the truth, and our hero’s thirst for knowledge can only be matched by his desire to kick more alien ass. 

Ancient Aliens is Skillsaw’s latest megawad. This beast is a neon-colored blastfest in which our unfortunate hero chases down the Illuminati in the search for truth. Could it be aliens? Demons? Both? Probably both. Skillsaw invited me and several other guest mappers to participate in the fun, and MAP24: “Culture Shock” is my contribution.  For my map I kinda wanted to try something new, so I toiled at an above-and-below-the-clouds theme. Deciding on a theme and creating the new textures took time, to the point I nearly didn’t finish it by the deadline. Thankfully Skillsaw is a cool dude and helped me wrap it up by finishing the design for the exit area. Since the complete version of Ancient Aliens hasn’t been released yet, there may still add some updates here and there.

Dumb fact: I originally used sprite-based DECORATE actors for the clouds when designing the map. This made them easier to place during development. Of course DECORATE is a Zdoom feature and this is a wad targeted at Boom-compatible ports so the sprites were replaced with textures. The sky and clouds were also originally a bluish-grey tint but this didn’t gel with the overall palette for the wad, so I made them greyscale and went with a sorta baby-blue sky. Still think it turned out splendid though!

Dumb idea: I’m considering extending this theme to an Eternity engine-based mini-mapset. Portals and EDMF things would probably be really sweet in this setting.