• Title: BOBKDv2.WAD for DOOM V1.2 (REGISTERED)
  • Author: Bob Carter
  • Game: Doom
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: 27
  • Release Date: 1994




F_episode 2, Base Ganymede: episode 2, and Deimos Deja Vu. All of which were well-made classic Doom episode replacements released quite recently. I bet you didn’t know about the fourth episode that debuted in the archive last November. Straight from the maw of 1994 comes Bob Carter’s Bobkdv2.wad, an episode 1 replacement taking place on DEU Phobos. It may be safe to say it isn’t quite as polished as the aforementioned wads, but let’s give it a shot.

E1M1: A small but spacious map. Save for some indoor sections, the map is made almost entirely of STONE2. Although the areas are large, the opposition isn’t too heavy and can be dealt with easily. Much of this map can be skipped since the exit is accessible early on, although you might not immediately realize that due to its location.

E1M2: The layout is symmetrical and somewhat flat looking due to little height variation. The action is easy but entertaining. The review of this map is about as long as the map.

E1M3: The opening scene (and center of map) is actually kind of cool looking. It sort-of resembles a crude looking stone-henge. It is still pretty easy, but the layout is a little more complex than the previous two maps. The path to reach the secret exit is a bit obscure at first, but I found it by accident when humping everything in the throne room in my attempts to escape it. The regular exit can be reached without keys.

E1M4: The map starts off interesting enough, and I am soon in direct contact with Doom furniture. However, soon after escaping that room I run into what I believe to be the early concept of copy-pasta, and I find myself slaughtering my way through identical grid-shaped corridors with little compartments. I found some keys before I found the doors they led to, but it was okay I guess because I suddenly hit an unmarked exit switch and was ejected straight into E1M5.

E1M5: This one has more interesting architecture than the previous map. Even from a pistol start, I feel like I am being over-stocked for the enemies I am facing. Better to have too much than to have too little may have been what the author was thinking. This map features a quaint computer room-like area where you battle on two levels.

E1M6: I begin facing a multitude of crates in a full-bright room where I am promptly assaulted by a cacodemon. My initial negative feelings for the map are somewhat abated when I stumble upon the large somewhat impressive looking nexus room. In fact this map ends up being pretty fun. It isn’t a stroll through the park like the previous maps were, but it still isn’t so hard.

E1M7: Soon after we begin the map, we hear the roar of a cyberdemon. Fortunately for me, the poor sap is stomping around in a little cage and can’t really do much in the way of pain. Unless you are going for 100% kills there is no real need to even touch him, so I let him be. The map does look nice for when it was made, but this one may get confusing. Beating it requires walking through some not-so-obvious triggers. The first time I played it I somehow broke the level, even though I clearly walked through a linedef required to open a certain door, it stubbornly remained closed. Not sure what went wrong, and it might not have been the map’s fault but still…yikes!

E1M8: And so we reach the finale. Our last opponents are a spider mastermind, followed by a cyberdemon. It isn’t an immediate confrontation; there is still a moderately sized layout you must go through first to reach them, and it is in fact the map with the most monsters. Still, like E1M7 and the first few maps, my health was often above 100%. Be warned though, you may find yourself short-equipped if you play from a pistol start (No sweat, just do some scavenging). I ran around the monsterless map for a while trying to find a yellow key that did not exist (it is a regular door with yellow outlines, you are a jerk Bob). After defeating the boss enemies (or before I suppose, there isn’t technically a trigger), you can trod on over to the exit and conclude bobkdv2.wad.

E1M9: Mostly made of STARTAN and METAL textures, it is a small and well-interconnected base. There is a fun amount of monsters to fight, but way more than you need to fight them. I would say it is secret because of the large amount of health, powerups, and ammunition you can collect, but every map in this episode gorges you with these anyway.

Not a bad 94′ wad. It had some clever looking designs, as well as some annoying tidbits.. It may not stand toe-to-toe with the wads I mentioned in the first paragraph, but I still recommend checking it out.