Community Chest 3


  • Community Chest 3
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: 32
  • Total Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 2007


Community Chest 3 was the third installment in Doomworld’s Community Chest megawad series. As with previous installments, the goal was to organize a community project in which a mapper may choose a map slot or 2 out of the 32 available and plug away. The third cchest was headed by veteran Andy Leaver with a helping hand lent by TheGreenHerring.  My contribution is MAP31 “Disarming the Mechanism”, the first secret level in the megawad (reachable by TheGreenHerring’s map15 “Clash of Galaxies”).  In it our hero has 30 minutes to disarm a bomb attached to the Theta Complex’s core in the middle of a lake near Berlin Germany, lest it detonate and spread a virus across the globe. The full journey will take the player though a deep underground techbase and out again, but the player may also optionally leave the world doomed and exit halfway though the map (and shame on you if you do!)

Dumb fact: the map originally had a more tongue-in-cheek plot involving Nazis and saving the wad from destruction. However, cchest3 ended up being the first in series to actually sort of have a serious plot, so at TheGreenHerring’s request I reworked the intro text and replaced all Nazis with imps. The more you know!