Diet 32in24


  • Diet 32in24
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: 16
  • Total Contributed: 2
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 2008


Oh hey it’s your friendly neighborhood Shaikotenwriting his second wad release rambling in amonth.  This is a very special wad to me.  It reminds me of America.  We promise you twice of what we deliver and ram advertisements for more of our fecal matter down your throat.  And you should be fucking grateful for it.  This project, coincidentally one of our least ambitious, only went about half a year over schedule, and proves that if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that group single player mapping projects generally suck.  Still, there are definitely a few good gems in this pack, and even a few of the crappier layouts ended up looking decent.  So suffer through this one for the little good in it, and wait with bated breath for the next time YEDS attempts to make a single player map pack.
-Shaikoten, 6 years before 32in24-14

Diet 32in24 is an oddball in the 32in24 series. It marks the second attempt at a singleplayer megawad in the series (the first being 32in24-2, and the third being 32in24-14). It’s diet since it uses 16 maps instead of 32, and also since it carries the plot of a fat marine losing weight in a gothic dystopian America (courtesy of TheGreenHerring). The mapset also reused 32in24-5’s assembly-line style of mapping, in which one author would design a layout whilst a second author chose a layout to detail. As such, I designed the layout for MAP12 “City of Tarnation” (detailed by Macro_11), and detailed MAP16 “Million Dollar Pyramid” (layout by TheGreenHerring). Perhaps Diet 32in24 isn’t considered with the series’ best, but it has an interesting Gothic meets Commercialism theme, and as usual I enjoyed mapping for it.