DJV Duel


  • Title: djv duel
  • Author: djv12xd
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Zdaemon
  • Game Type: Duel
  • Total Maps: 4
  • Release Date: 2012




Djv Duel is a mini one-on-one deathmatch episode comprised of four maps. I loaded the wad up with a bot and gave it a spin.

The map themes include a white STARTAN techbase, a brown lava cavern, a brown techbase with bridges, and a gothic brick arena. The layouts are all (suitably) small, but the rooms are well-interconnected and play nicely for the most part. There were a few things that bugged me though: the first map is inconsistent with the others in that it lacks an exit, the BFG is practically out in the open and easy to reach in the couple of maps that have it, and there are a couple of missing “LOGO” textures in map02 (which luckily for the map’s theme, appear as ashwall in ZDaemon). Other than that, I would say that these maps are solid, though nothing spectacular. If you and your buddy don’t mind the pet peeves mentioned above and are looking for something small and quick to play, I would say give these maps a whirl.