Doom Fort


  • Title: Doom Fort
  • Author: Andrew Loly
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 2012




Right off the bat, the description is misleading. “A deathmatch level” does not describe this monster-filled-three-keys-to-complete map very well, so let’s uncover the truth.

The first word that comes to mind when describing the map’s look is “dark”, but if you squint beyond the gloom, it is actually a pretty competent and clean-looking tech-base. There are some misalignments and such, but they aren’t really a bother, since the map’s theme coincides with the classic-style themes of the original Doom maps and pwads like Fava Beans. The map comes bundled with a starry space-sky in a separate file called STARSKY.wad, and if you choose not to load this sky, the map’s default sky is the episode 4 orange sky. Either one goes well with the map’s abundant use of dark lighting.

This map features a cool non-linear layout and some interesting monster placement. Unfortunately, it pains me to say that despite these positive aspects, the map is barely playable at all. Ammo is tight in this map, especially near the beginning. Granted that you make all of the right moves early on and grab the weapons in the quickest order possible, you may still find your ammo depleted against the relatively tough opposition (and that’s before an arch-vile starts reviving everything!) The cynical side of me suspects this was originally an SP map labeled as a deathmatch map just to provide an excuse for the unbalanced gameplay. Or perhaps I am being a doofus, and the monsters and three-key progression were added as an afterthought to creating a good deathmatch layout. Either way, if the author just took the time to more carefully balance the player’s firepower against the opposition he faced, this could have been a great singleplayer experience. I only beat the map after much trial-and-error, and even then there were tough monsters left over that I had to run from unless I was prepared to kill them with my fists.

As for my recommendation, I say the map may be interesting for four-player deathmatch due to its interesting layout, but I would only recommend it for singleplayer if you are some sort-of super tough survivalist player that doesn’t mind getting his fists dirty.