Freedoom Leftovers


  • Title: Freedoom Leftovers
  • Author: Simon Howard (fraggle)
  • Game: Doom/Doom2
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: N/A
  • Total Maps: N/A
  • Release Date: 2010




leftover.wad is a collection of resources that had been replaced in newer versions of Freedoom. I loaded it up with farewe11.wad (an 11-map mapset of maps using stock resources) for personal variety.

This wad contains completely replaced weapon graphics, various sprite replacements (including a full demon from the ghost busters TC), various new patches and flats, and a few new sounds among other graphics tidbits (like the HUD face). Just because they were replaced doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad. Some of these graphics are actually pretty impressive, such as super-shotgun and rocket launcher. Some are a bit strange, such as the fist (power glove!?) All in all though, you can probably find things worth using in this wad.