Hybrid Awakening


  • Hybrid Awakening
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Eternity (teaseris Boom-compatible)
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: ?? (3 in the teaser)
  • Total Contributed: All
  • Status: WIP (Teaser Released
  • Release Date: 2008 (rest is still a WIP)


It has been a century since the last demonic invasion. The UAC is defunct, and a new organization named Hybrid has been spearheaded by the old hero Father Slage to ensure humanity’s peace. Their philosophy is that the hellspawn cannot be destroyed, but they may be controlled. Using DNA samples from prior hellspawn wars, Hybrid has managed to create a security force that proves their philosophy.

You. You wake up in one of Hybrid’s many underground laboratories near their headquarters: the Kappa tower. As a cyborg warrior with a katana at your disposal, you are not like Hybrid’s other creations. Someone had the idea that the corporation may not be as altruistic as they portray. Someone believes they may have a dark plan brewing. That someone has left a bit of programming in your cyborg mind to destroy your creators. Awaken. Destroy HYBRID.

Well I’m not a writer, but Hybrid Awakening is a megawad of sorts I come back to on and off. It originally began as a break from Zdoom mapping (noob project 5 was sorta being made in parallel), but it took a life of its own afterward. The main gimmick is the new sword weapon (which is more versatile in the Eternity version), but there’s a bunch of other resources in the megawad that draw inspiration from (and straight-up rip-off) the likes of classic TCs like Strain, Obituary, Biowar, Eternal Doom, etc. Will I ever finish it? Let’s be honest probably not, but hey, at least there’s an old 3-map Boom teaser you can download!



Hybrid Fragments (3 level teaser of Hybrid Awakening)