Lukasxd’s 512X512 Maps


  • Title: Lukasxd’s 512X512 Maps
  • Author: Lukasxd
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Zdoom
  • Game Type: Singleplayer
  • Total Maps: 4
  • Release Date: 2014




Lukasxd’s 512×512 Maps is a Doom 2 4-map minisode for what I presume to be limit-removing ports (and that limit being the ability to play XM music). The whole thing can be beaten in less than five minutes.

What we have here are a group of extremely compact and thematically distinct levels with a keygen music soundtrack (barring map04). The first being a jungle-inspired map with green zimmer and marble overgrown with vines. The second map is a cute tiny city block with Lukas’s trademark cube-cars and the narrowest set of stairs witnessed in the doom universe. The third map is a subverted subway with mostly tech-base trimmings. Finally, the minisode comes to a close in a dark red hellish courtyard where you must turn out the “hell lamp” (sort of fireplace looking thing) in the center. If I had to describe the aesthetic of the maps in one word, I would probably choose “zany”. Each screenshot corresponds to a map, and by viewing one you have effecticly seen at least 90% of that map’s entire layout.

This is a mapset in which difficulty levels actually change things quite a bit. Oddly on both UV and HMP, the most difficult level in the mapset appears to be the first one. Besides having a switch-hunty layout based around dropping into pits, most of the enemies consist of hitscanners that snipe you from above, and nosy cacodemons that must be fought in a cramped space. On HMP its tough, but on UV its nearly unbeatble (for me anyways). Afterwards the maps become pretty easy on HMP. They have fewer (albeit tougher) enemies and as much space to maneuver around them as can be given in a 512×512 layout. These three maps however also become quite thorny on UV, with revenants and arch-viles thrown into the mix. The latter three maps in the minisode are almost arena-like, though the central structure in the fourth map (that also serves as the exit) seems to have an invisible barrier surrounding it that may trip you up if you aren’t expecting it. Needless to say, all four maps are a cakewalk on ITYTD, but I think it’s a nice touch for less-seasoned players. Each map contains at least one secret, and they almost become necessities on higher difficulty levels.

If you play the mapset on UV, you may be wondering where the hell the arch-vile is attacking you from in the second map. Turns out you need to find the secret to expose him (and the soulsphere he is guarding). Besides this, I believe this wad provides nice bite-sized levels with well-tuned gameplay. I say give it a go. If anything, it won’t take much of your time.