Marble Fort


  • Title: Marble Fort
  • Author: Blaskowicz
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 5
  • Release Date: 2010




Marble Fort is a five level single player episode for Doom 2. I played it on Hurt Me Plenty (which is how I pretty much play all of my wads FYI.)

In today’s adventure I enter a wad called marble fortress, and a marble fortress is what I find. The maps aren’t very detailed, but are clean (no misalignments or glaring errors) and are visually appealing without being cluttered. This makes me happy, because unlike many maps these days, it seems the architecture was built around the gameplay. The levels usually require all three keys, but can still be completed fairly quickly. The difficulty is pretty tame to the end. I never felt particularly threatened throughout the episode except for an instance that occurred in the first level.

All in all, I enjoyed these simple maps, and I recommend you play them too. It isn’t anything super fancy, but it is just good old Doom 2.

Ready for a plot twist?

Map 5 is missing the last required key on difficulties lower than Ultra Violence. Okay okay, so the author did say “Recommended difficulty: Ultra Violence!”, but I guess he was really recommending the hell out of it. If you are going to pull a stunt like that (don’t), at least warn the player in the text file explicitly. In the end I had to open the map in an editor just to realize I couldn’t find it because it was only marked for skill 4. That is too bad, because it about ruined the feel-good mood I was attaining. At least now that you’re warned, perhaps the same won’t happen to you.