Nebula 95


  • Title: Nebula 95
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative/Deathmatch
  • Total Maps: ?? (Ongoing series)
  • Total Contributed: 8
  • Status: Released (but ongoing)
  • Release Date: 2013-??


Channel 8 news is a ruckus! Earth’s hero has hijacked a UAC vessel and blasted off toward a forbidden sector of space to save his old military instructor/Indigo coop buddy from the hellspawn remnant! The demons have chosen a strange place to grow their numbers…a deserted quadrant filled with small planetoids floating in a hallucinogenic gas known as Nebula 95
Was that cheesy enough for you? This series of vanilla maps is mainly a way to blow off steam from my larger projects. Its a jazz’n’funk tribute to nineties mapping. A compiled version of the maps is released for each new update, though they may be downloaded separately as well. Note that individually the maps are vanilla compatible, but the compiled version requires a port that supports MBF sky transfers (like Eternity or Zdoom).
Title music: “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire
Intermission music: “Got to be Real” by Cheryl Lynn
Space Saucer Margie music: “Jamaican Nights” by Russ Freeman sequenced by Andres Chait
And so our hero’s quest for his partner begins. First planetoid to catch his glimpse is a blue marble with what appears to be a solitary island housing a shrine. He’s not sure what the local beliefs are, but when he sees that the deities have horns, he knows what to expect. Better make this quick!
Grey’n’green marble shrine based on a heavily modified version of my Odamex Nitro DM map.
Name: “Nebula Shrine”
Music: “Magic Lady” by Lee Ritenour sequenced by Bob Lasnek
Updated to v3: March 20, 2014
Yikes! Our hero could have sworn that pile of mud blinked at him, but he couldn’t be sure. Is it alive? Probably, not that it matters much. It’s no secret that humans aren’t alone in the universe these days. Off the top of his head, Earth’s hero could list a few alien races like the Klaves, the Freds, the Lizards, the… Our hero pondered the next one as he noticed some unwelcome guests arriving. Ah, that’s right! The hellspawn.
Next stop is a small beige brick map with mudmen and (shock) hellspawn. Based on my layout of map 28 from 32in24-12: IRON MAPPER
Name: “MudMan WonderLand”
Music: “La Samba” by Andy Narell sequenced by Bob Lasnek
Updated to v4: March 20, 2014
What a ghastly structure. A crude representation of a smiling face painted in fresh human blood’n’guts adorned the strange totem pole before our hero. Its expression did not match his own, as he leaned against cover from the growling monsters that nearly surrounded him on all sides. Traveling to the single seemingly hand-crafted structure on this planetoid has led Earth’s hero straight into an ambush, something that has recently become a bad habit of his. The hero’s ship isn’t for miles, and the only way out of plain sight around here seems to be an underground tunnel that is currently locked off. Drowning out the creature’s snarls with a funk tape in his music drive, our hero slammed a shell into his shotgun. It may be suicidal to go down there, but it’s the best bet he’s got.
Beige and green map with a complex but easy-flowing non-linear layout. Its quite difficult, but there are many possible paths to beat the level.
Name: “Human Earrings”
Music: “Between The Sheets” by the Isley Brothers sequenced by unknown (in cases like these, please let me know if you can divine the sequencer so I can give them their due)
Unlike the ones posted so far, this isn’t based on anything I previously made. This is its first public release. Though the layout that resulted seems like it may have been better suited for deathmatch, here it is with single player make-up.
Updated to v2: March 20, 2014

Uh oh! It seems Our Hero has a very important decision to make, and he can’t do it alone! He needs the help of YOU, the PLAYER! A bead of sweat rolled down Earth’s Hero’s forehead as his wide eyes quickly shifted between the two cassette tapes he held in each hand. He could either continue listening to cassette tape B, a tape full of his favorite funk and pop-synth grooves, or add some new spice to life with cassette tape A, a tape with a single song by mysterious (but strangely familiar-sounding) composer ‘Forty-Two’. You see, music is very important to Our Hero, and in Nebula 95 the groove changes the way he experiences demon-slaying. Time’s a tickin’. What’s it gonna be?
Level made for Brian “Snakes” Knox’s secret santa project. It was made to imitate Stuart “stewboy” Rynn’s vertical-happy style. The Boom version is a dark blue-grey map with new textures, a little more detail, and of course a nice original tune by stewboy.
Name: Drown Stone
Music: “River” sequenced by stewboy/Forty-Two
The vanilla-compatible version is a bit more in-line with the spirit of the series (with a Synth-Pop midi of a Pet Shop Boys song, simpler detail, a muggy overcast sky, and the signature flying saucer start map).  This version is also slightly more puzzley switch-huntey nature to it.
Name: Drown Stone Cassette B
Music: “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys sequenced by unknown (in cases like these, please let me know if you can divine the sequencer so I can give them their due