Noob Project


Title: Noob Project series
Game: Doom 2
Engine: Zdoom
Game Type: Single Player
Total Maps: 5 (more if you count intro/outro stuff in some of the maps)
Total Contributed: All
Status: Released
Release Date(s): 2006-2008


The Noob Project series wasn’t my first foray into Doom modding (see my awful 2003/4 graphics stuff), but they were my first maps. The first couple of maps were basically just me learning how to accomplish simple things in DB, but from there on the series relied more on Zdoom tomfoolery. It has a cringeworthy plot conveyed through cutscenes and text dialogue about a lone marine’s race to retrieve a prototype BFG before various other nefarious entities (hellspawn, UAC, characters from other pwads, anime self-inserts, etc.) get to the weapon first. Not so surprisingly, I don’t consider the maps very good by my current standards, but they still have a soft spot in my heart for the fun I had while making them.

Screenshots and Downloads:

Noob Project Part 1 – “Military Intallation”
Description: My first map. It’s er…what you’d expect.
Release Date: 2006


Noob Project Part 2 – “Courtyard Dash”
Description: Similar eclectic theme as part 1, with some slight improvement.

Release Date: 2006


Noob Project Part 3 – “Out in the Cold”
Description: Snowy silver base where the Zdoom novelty and cutscenes enter in. Defeat Gamarra. No, not the turtle.
Release Date: 2006


Noob Project Part 4 – “Space Station Vrack”
Description: Fight humans in space. Uses vrack3’s textures. Contains an amazing self-insert job, and a tram-ride boss made with skybox trickery at the end.

Release Date: 2007


Noob Project Part 5 – “Digital Highway”
Description: Ultra-bright and gaudy Gzdoom map with much 3d platforming. May make your eyes bleed.
Release Date: 2008