Prison (ZDoom Version)


  • Title: Prison (ZDoom Version)
  • Author: Demmon Break Master
  • Game: Doom
  • Engine: Zdoom
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 2012




Despite being called zprison, this map uses Skulltag resources, so you’ll need to play it with that.

The map is hyper-detailed, but the texture usage is unusual. The theme mostly consists of Doom and Doom 2’s default texture set, but they are mixed together into a texture stew. It reminds me of the early maps from Eviltech, but on steroids. Admittedly, this sometimes works for the map if done cleverly, but in this case it usually comes off looking a bit sloppy. There are a few ZDoom features (like monsters that bleed the right color, improved weapon sparks, and warped flats), but besides these features, this map could have easily been Boom-compatible. In fact, it once was, according to the author.

There aren’t too many monsters, but there isn’t very much ammo to combat them with either (at least early-on), so you will have to ignore some of the bigger and slower monsters at first. This once again led me to wonderful situations like punching a cacodemon with my bare, unberserked fists. Thankfully you do eventually get a berserk pack though, and even later plenty of ammo in one convenient stash so that you may tie up any loose-ends if you wish. I spent more time trying to figure out how to progress in the map than I did fighting monsters anyway, so it’s a good indication that this map can get pretty switch-hunty. Anything I left out? Oh, there is a teleport-into-an-inescapable-crusher-fuck-you type death about halfway in that I wasn’t a fan of. I think that’s about it.

Overall this is a decent map, but I would only recommend it if you don’t mind (perhaps even embrace) switch hunting.