PuNk DoOm


  • Title: PuNk DoOm
  • Author: Cider Man
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 1996




Here we have a small map from ’96. All we know going in is that we’re some punk, and that that’s justification enough for breaking into a small dungeon and taking names.

So its a dark hellish dungeon map portrayed in a green and red marble theme. The design is fairly simplistic detail-wise, but its visually uncluttered with only a few misaligned textures here and there. Cider Man isn’t afraid to play with lighting, and you can see examples of stark contrast between light and shadow throughout. Naturally since we’re some PuNK, the hudface gives doomguy a green mohawk and a nose ring. Cute touch!

Presented with an SSG and plenty of shells at the start, you may get the impression you’re in for a cakewalk. But I reconsidered after trudging along most of the map with less than half my vitality. This is mostly owed to all hitscanners walking around. I had a save-load fest in the area surrounding the blue key due to all the shotgunners barely visible in the dark area. The level winds down with groups of imps that can pretty easily be skipped.

Its a decent little ordeal you can beat in about 10 minutes with some cute touches. Not a bad way to spend a coffee break.