Pure Hate


  • Title: Pure Hate
  • Author: Leon
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: ZDoom
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 2012




Nobody has toured more schools throughout the globe than Doomguy. Chances are if a Doomer gets a hold of an editor, Doomguy will shortly be taking a romp through his virtual home, school, and/or office.

Though Pure Hate is a school map, it is thankfully one of the more interesting ones I have played. Evident thought was put into creating a foreboding atmosphere, for the dark lighting and horror-themed resources help to set a spooky mood that usually isn’t present in wads based on real locations. Unfortunately however, the map still suffers from the common MyLocale.wad problems of squarish indoor architecture and numerous rooms with little gameplay value. In fact, if it weren’t for the lighting and new resources, there wouldn’t be much to set this map apart from other nineties school wads in the archives. The text file specifies this map as a ZDoom map, though it makes no notable use of ZDoom features, and it appears it could have even been passed off as a vanilla map.

You begin the map with a few of the main campus buildings completely locked off, and gameplay consists of finding the keys required to explore these buildings while doing the usual spring cleaning along the way. The solution to obtaining a couple of the keys isn’t very obvious, so the map may take a while to complete at first. Once you know where and how to obtain the keys however, you can complete the map much more quickly. There are plenty of monsters throughout the map ranging from the easiest to the most difficult, but they are pretty spread out, and you are given more than enough firepower to deal with them.

All in all, the map won’t blow you away, but it is one of the nicer school maps out there. If you are prepared to explore school #5632, give it a shot.