Simplistic Evil


  • Title: Simplistic Evil
  • Author: Flesh420
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Zdoom
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 5
  • Release Date: 2013




Simplistic Evil is a 5-map ZDoom minisode for Doom 2. This time around our silly hero got stranded on Pluto’s moon Chi (a moon I never heard of), under the presumption that it would have been a nice vacation spot. It’s obvious which forces show up to ruin the party, but this time there are a few (somewhat) new faces to murderize.

The mapset blends oldschool layouts and gameplay with Realm667 monsters in a way that works surprisingly well. The levels follow a style reminiscent of Doom’s original maps, in that they focus less on visuals than they do in forming interesting layouts for the player to navigate. I occasionally managed to get lost, but the small-to-moderate size of the maps made it easy to retrace my steps. Gameplay is pretty engaging, with monsters surrounding the player at almost all times during progression. Most of the opposition consists of the game’s original cast, but occasionally one of the new monsters is thrown at the player, forcing them to learn new combat habits on the spot (that is if they haven’t already played a hundred ZDoom maps using Beastiary monsters). The author made minimal use of the new monsters, which provided an interesting experience: blasting the original monsters that came from all sides kept me awake, but not knowing if I would face a new baddie around the corner kept me guessing what to expect next.

My only complaints would be that for the first two maps and most of the third, the player will be stuck with only the shotgun as the strongest weapon to fend with, and that the PSX music used in the title and intermission screens doesn’t mesh too well with the midi music in the maps. Overall however, its a satisfying short romp, and I recommend trying it out.