• Title: Sprawlbase
  • Author: Worm
  • Game: Doom2
  • Engine: Limit Removing
  • Game Type: Singleplayer/Coop
  • Total Maps: 1
  • Release Date: 2013




Sprawlbase is a single moderate-to-large sized Doom 2 map for limit-removing ports. It’s one of those hidden gems that unfortunately seems to get brushed over every now and again.

The level is a tech-base that uses only Doom 2’s stock textures (aside from a waterfall), but uses them well. The result is a base that is both colorful and clean in appearance. It’s a bit longer than the usual map, but the theme does not become tiring, since it varies enough from room to room to keep the player interested.

The main strength of the map, however, is not in its visuals, but in its well-crafted layout. As usual, I tend to favor inter-connectedness in layouts, as it gives the map a sense of exploration and lends more to its replayability. This map meets this point in strides. Monsters are in the 200’s, but I rarely felt overwhelmed due to the way they are spaced throughout the map. Building this false sense of security however did become dangerous in a few situations, as ambushes with baddies placed in clever locations do occur throughout the level. One minor gripe is that it’s easy to overlook the shotgun early on (you have to nab it from some sniping shotgunners), and there isn’t quite enough ammo with the chaingun alone to take on the monsters throughout the base afterward for a while if you make this mistake. This issue aside however, firepower is well balanced for the opposition you face, and there are plenty of secrets to aid the player as well.

By the look of the description, this may be Worm’s first map. If that’s the case, he has made a pretty promising debut. Sprawlbase takes Doom’s standard style of gameplay and executes it well by balancing the right amount of exploration with direction. It’s not a very difficult level, but you have to pay attention and be resourceful if you want to make it through. I don’t think this map should go by unnoticed, so try it out!