Level Design

This is a repository for my (mostly) Doom crud. Its enough to warrant divvying up. So here, have some anchors:
Single Player

Single Player

Preview Title Contribution Brief Description Release Date
Ancient Aliens MAP24 “Culture Shock” The ruins of this world stretch for miles into the sky. Some even peak above the clouds. 2016
32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas MAP28 “Christmas Eve in the Pie in the Sky Diner” Similarly food-themed singleplayer version of my 32in24-13 map. Only this time with added Christmas flavor. 2015
Zdoom Community Map Project: Take 2 Some detailing in the initial techbase section Jungle base with a Metroid-like progression. Its a very large single map in which a team of mappers worked together to create a Zdoom level with all the bells and whistles. 2014
[WIP] Hacx 2.0 MAP ?? Cyberspace meets Arabian palace meets hacker with cool shades. 2014 – ?
Nebula 95 Everything (ongoing series) Our hero partakes on a hallucinogenic space-funk adventure through the idiosyncracies of 90s mapping. 2013 – ?
Community Chest 4 MAP20 “Interstellar Sickness”,
MAP21 “Shaman’s Device”
Armed with an army of hellspawn cloned from the DNA of prior wars, the A.I. “SHAMAN” plans on opening a gate to hell above Earth. Can you stop it in time? 2012
The Doom Universe’s Total Randomness Community Project MAP04 “Emoticon Symphony”,
MAP07 “The Keeper of Nightmares”
Two small maps for a community project about making something out of scrapped bits from other personal projects. 2012
40oz’s other birthday map All Very short canyon-themed run. 40oz used to make birthday maps for people, so here’s one for him. 2010
Random Chaos Collab – The CyberCrusher “<+RC+> Death Nexus”,
“Star Construct”
Small clan-based community project about 1-on-1 duels with cyberdemons. 2010
Heretic Treasure Chest E2M7 “Sky Gateway” High-difficulty romp through a large-scale castle with a molten dungeon. My first Heretic map, which is much older than the megawad’s release date (finished it in 07′). 2010
Diet 32in24 MAP12 (Layout) “City of Tarnation”,
MAP16 (Detail) “Million Dollar Pyramid”
Unholy union of American Corporatism and Gothic Architecture. Join this warrior’s quest to lose some damn weight. 2008
[WIP] TNT 2 MAP20 “The Infernal Carrier”,
MAP30 “The New Technology”
TNT is back with a dark and grimy vengeance 2012 – ?
[WIP] Cyndrome All A standalone game inspired mostly by bomberman 64 and megaman titles. 2008 – ?
[WIP] Earth Base MAP05 “Mutilation Fountain”,
MAP07 “Rocket Jazz”,
MAP09 “Vrack me Up” (remake of Walter Confalonieri’s layout)
Classic style megawad 2008
[Demo] Hybrid Awakening All of them Cut down hellspawn as a katana-wielding cyborg in an effort to stop the evil corporation “Hybrid”. Released a 3-map teaser in 08′ called Hybrid Fragments. 2008
Community Chest 3 MAP31 “Disarming the Mechanism” Community Chest 3’s first secret map. Disarm the bomb at the core in 30 minutes, or Earth’s toast! First giant map. 2007
Doom: A Megawad in Two Weeks MAP16 “The Final Gate” The megawad’s short finale, in which you face a new evil head honcho. 2007
Noob Project All of them First forays into mapping. Mostly sketchy level-design, Zdoom novelties, and cringeplot. 2008


Preview Title Contribution Brief Description Release Date Ego Meter
32in24-13: A Thanksgiving without Burgers MAP32 “Pie in the Sky Diner” Complex vertical layout in which you can frag your buddies over giant cheesecake slices, brownie fudge sundaes, and cookies. 2013 Proud
32in24-12: IRON MAPPER MAP28 “Mudman Wonderland” Capture the flag map filled with Mudmen, big jumps, and crushers. 2012 Mostly Proud
Odamex Nitro Deathmatch MAP18 “Kassman’s Nebula Shrine” A large free-roamable marble shrine under the starlight with soothing music set for a romantic night of fragging your friends. 2012 Proud
Random Chaos Duel Collab – Rivalries “<+RC+> Duel Nexus”
“Best Frienemies”
“Classic Confrontation”
“Duel Spire”
Duel it out in an animated cartoon Pueblo 2011 Proud
32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE MAP33 “Hate Processing Bunker” Standard small interconnected techbase for your dueling needs. Gotta sacrifice to grab the plasma gun. 2009 Somewhat Proud
Greenwar II MAP21 Detail “BFG Containment Area” Snowy deathmatch map for the sequel to good ol’ Greenwar, where we were tasked with dressing up Hellbent’s layouts. Thanks to esselfortium for fixing my dumb icicle alignment. 2009 Mostly Proud
32in24 8: DWANGO 2008 MAP19 conversion “Tower of Angry Doom Geeks” The premise of 32in24-8 was to convert an Id software map into a deathmatch map. I chose E2M8: Tower of Babel. Thanks to Sandy Peterson for the starting layout. He oughta join more of these. 2009 Somewhat Proud
32in24 7: Return of the Night of Capture the Flag MAP9 layout “Keeping it Simple”
MAP23 layout “Birth of Headache”
MAP27 detail “Insane Gunslinger Compound”
Large and complex concrete CTF map. Brinks made the awesome layout. I just added some extra charm. 2008 Proud
32in24 6 MAP05 “Late Outpost” Brown interconnected bare base near some rocky lava falls. 2008 Somewhat Proud
32in24 5 MAP19 Layout “Hemoglobin Rig”
MAP32 Detail “Volcanic Panic”
A red-hot volcano map with lava galore based on a layout by Bucket. Beware the chasm! 2007 Somewhat Proud
32in24 IV MAP24 “Kass Fortress part 2: NOT A DUEL TOWER” First CTF map. Made of silver and white concrete. If you’re color blind never fear! Each base clearly denoted with blocky letters. 2007 Somewhat Proud
32in24 III: DUEL CORE MAP25 “Kass Duel Tower” Small high-tech arena for fast-paced one-on-one action. Teleport from end-to-end of this bumpy ass arena. My first 32in24 (and DM) map. 2007 Mostly Proud

Miscellaneous stuff

Doom Guitarist Skin of a guitar wielding marine. 2008 OK