The Doom Universe Total Randomness Community Project


  • The Doom Universe’s Total Randomness Community Project
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: Single Player/Cooperative
  • Total Maps: 8 (9 if you count the tiny credits map)
  • Total Contributed: 2 (3 if you count the tiny credits map)
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 2007


The Total Randomness Community Project was a community project initiated by Doom Universe sensation Glassyman as a means to bring the small community together towards a common project. It had an oddball premise: take an unfinished map or scrap of a map you would have otherwise abandoned, polish it up, and give it a new home in this mapset. MAP04 “Emoticon Symphony” was originally planned as a map for Earth Base, but I instead settled on the idea for “Mutilation Fountain”, which became its replacement. It’s a short dark blue map with leering faces whose inspiration chiefly comes from playing Bob Reganess maps. MAP07 “Keeper of Nightmares” was an outtake from my Community Chest 4 maps (back from when they were a single map). I had a bit planned with some old stone architecture, but it didn’t really fit the high-tech theme of the maps, so it was instead used as the basis for an Icon of Sin finale for this wad. Oh and I contributed some miscellaneous graphics as well. The INTERPIC is a nod to Andy Warhol.