Works in Progress

Welcome to my pipedream palace! Here you’ll find all the stuff I’m either currently working or have hopes of finishing sometime within my lifetime. The idea is stuff will move outta here and into its own page as I finish it.

Hacx 2.0

Sorta like a spiritual successor to CC4 MAP21. Going for a sorta Arabian palace meets virtual reality type thing.

Autumn Flock (working title)


MAP20 “Infernal Carrier”. Was like 80% complete before the initial deadline dropped and I thought I would need to hand it over. Project seems to still be continuing though. I believe this map is in Xaser’s hands now.

Earth Base

Classic style megawad I’ve been working on with Walter Confalonieri since the dawn of time. MAP05 and MAP07 are complete. Half of MAP09 (a map based on an old layout by Walter) is complete, but the space section is still being worked on. Most of Walter’s maps are complete.

MAP05: “Mutilation Fountain”

MAP07: “Rocket Jazz”

MAP09: “Vrack me Up”


Was aiming to make a standalone game similar to Bomberman 64 using SNES-like graphics. Might release…something out of it one day